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Xbox 360 PRO pack comes with a detachable SATA 20 GB hard drive whish is used for the storage of games, music, downloaded trailers, levels, demos, player preferences, and community-created content from Xbox Live Marketplace. HDD may also be used to transfer such content between Xbox 360 consoles. Unfortunately only 14 GB of this hard drive are available to the user; the rest is reserved for the system and games. As a solution for this shortage of storage space comes a new 120GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360. With included transfer tool kit you can migrate your save files from old HDD to the new 120 GB, 250GB or even 500GB (or 1TB) hard disk and not to worry about hdd space ever again. (Read More...)

A hard drive is also required for the user to be able to play backward compatible Xbox games. The individual drives come pre-loaded with a promotional video about the making of the Xbox 360, the "XBOX 360 Custom Mix" (A collection of music), additional Dashboard skins, songs, additional Xbox Live Gamertag images, and Hexic HD, an Xbox Live Arcade game from Tetris creator Alex Pajitnov. This content will be included on both the bundled hard drive and the stand alone product. This drive will not be included in the Core System bundle at launch, and also will not be sold separately in Japan.

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Detachable and upgradable 20GB hard drive to download demos and trailers along with new game levels, maps, weapons, vehicles, skins, community-created content, and more; to rip music for playback and to listen to custom play lists in every game. The current design features a removable 20GB hard drive for game saves, Xbox Live file downloads, and storing pictures, music, and movies. Microsoft has indicated that it can make larger hard drives in the future if there's a demand. Since the hard drive is removable, 360 owners can use it to transfer save games and media over to a friend's house. Memory cards will be 64MB in size, but, as with the original Xbox, most users will only need a memory card to transfer data to a different system, since most people will already have a hard drive for game saves and downloadable content.

Will my Xbox 360 have a hard drive? How big will it be?
Yes, there is a removable 20 gigabyte hard drive included with every PRO pack console and optional 120GB for sale. Players can remove the hard drive and carry it to a friend's house to transfer large amounts of information. If you buy a cheaper CORE system pack you will not receive a HDD with it.

What do we need a HDD for? Well we can Rip music discs to the Xbox 360 hard drive and share latest digital pictures with friends as well as download game demos and preview movies from Xbox Live. Rip Xbox 360 Games. What are good reasons for upgrading hard drive: ability to store more MP3's, Movies and Pictures is the best one! And if it is stored on hdd and not streamed over the network - you will get better access times. Also upgrading to 7200 rpm hard drive would increase productivity.

Other than adding a bigger harddrive, is there any other way the Xbox 360 can be upgraded?
Absolutely. Xbox 360 was designed with incredible flexibility in mind. Anyone who owns a Media Center PC can have some extreme fun with the two systems. Connect the two together, and you can stream high definition TV and movies to the Xbox 360. You can talk to friends across the country through the Xbox Live headset while you watch TV. All of that right at launch this Christmas holiday season.

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Marketplace and Microtransactions

Matchmaking and community-building features are just two areas that Microsoft has focused on improving for Xbox Live for the Xbox 360. Another interesting addition is what the company is calling the Marketplace. As in the current version of Xbox Live, you'll be able to download to HDD new content, such as extra levels, from the Marketplace. Microsoft also envisions the Marketplace as being a source of other smaller bits of content, such as special clothing for player characters or decals and parts for cars to be used in-game. These bits of content could be sold on the cheap, for as little as a few cents. What's more exciting is the possibility that players themselves might be able to design, store on a HDD and later distribute, and even sell such content themselves.

But who's going to want to pull out a credit card to buy either a 25-cent skin for an Xbox 360 interface or a 10-cent T-shirt for a Tony Hawk character? Microsoft thought of that, too. Unlike the current iteration of Xbox Live, where all transactions require a credit card, the new version of XBL will let you store money, or value, in an account that you can use for purchases. So if you have your credit card handy, you can dump $20 into it once with your credit card, and then you can make a week or more than a week's worth of microtransactions thereafter, snapping up clothes for your sim or snatching new tracks to race on. If you don't have a credit card, you'll be able to buy a card (with cash) from a traditional brick-and-mortar store that you can bring home to recharge for use with your Marketplace account.

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X360 MP3 Music, DivX XviD DVD Movies, and Demos

The Marketplace won't just be restricted to added levels and other bits of small content, though. Microsoft imagines you'll be able to download music and videos, such as game trailers, onto your Xbox 360 through Xbox Live and store then on your x360 hdd. Even fully playable demos are not out of the question, which opens up a number of interesting possibilities. Since this content may or may not be free, publishers may consider funding small demos of some games for distribution solely over the Xbox Live Marketplace. Microsoft's J Allard likened this to the way television studios fund and release pilot episodes for shows that are considered edgy or risky just to see if they catch the public eye. Let's say a developer approaches a publisher with a quirky idea for a game the publisher thinks has potential. But the game is too risky to gamble millions of dollars on for a full, traditional development and publishing cycle. With the ability to release a small pilot demo over the Xbox Live marketplace, the publisher can test the waters by using less money, and if the proof of concept ends up popular, then the publisher can begin producing the full-fledged game (or even just release episodic content) with greater assurance. Obviously, it remains to be seen if any publisher will actually go this route, but the technology in the new version of Xbox Live and XB HD harddrive will make it a possibility.

You can upgrade 20GB Hard Drive to a 40GB 60GB 200GB HDD and store a lot more files. SNES ROMs.

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