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Xbox 360 has a built-in 100BASE-TX RJ45 LAN port, for connecting to Xbox Live, 3 USB ports. The Xbox 360 can connect to Xbox Live through an optional wireless network adapter on a home network through a wireless router. In the wireless form up to four controllers are supported by the Xbox 360. However, there is a maximum of three wired controllers, as the Xbox 360 only has 3 USB ports. USB hub can be used to extend the maximum number of wired controllers. The wired USB version Xbox 360 controllers can be used as PC gamepads because it uses a standart USB connection - sadly the wireless controller cannot be used on PC because it uses a wireless signal.

controllerTo fix this incopatibility with PC a wireless receiver set is released in 2007 that plugs into the PC, allowing wireless Xbox 360 accessories to be used on the PC. Wireless force feedback racing wheel for racing games was released on November 1, 2006. The Xbox 360 gamepad is different from original Xbox controller, the Duke and the S models. The black and white buttons have been replaced by bumper buttons, which are on the shoulder of the controller, right before the triggers. It is a lot smoother, has a white/gray theme, and is made for smaller hands. Very ergonomically built. The Universal Media Remote can be used to control several functions of the console, including the Windows Media Center functions if connected to the local network. Other components for the console such as decorative faceplates to change the physical appears of the console, wired or wireless headsets for communication over Xbox Live, and an Xbox 360 branded webcam called Xbox Live Vision. Explore the latest Xbox 360 consoles Accessories, like Pelican Evo Sport GT wireless wheel, Gameshark cheat devices, XB-Live accessories like headsets and video chat cameras. We wil also folow the offerings of our affiliate stores and alert you when there are new accessory bundles that can save you a lot of money. Also we list the best online stores where to purchase xbox controllers.

cooling standXb360 HD DVD Player US$ 199.90
Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows US$ 19.90
X360 Live Wireless Headset US$ 49.90
Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter US$ 79.90
Xbox Faceplate (Halo) US$ 29.90
Xbox Live Premium Pack US$ 39.99
Faceplate (FIFA World Cup 2006) US$ 6.90
VGA HD AV Cable US$ 29.90
Xbox Live Points (1,600 points) US$ 20.90
Xbox360 Wireless Controller US$ 42.90
X360 Wireless Racing Wheel US$ 149.90
Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit US$ 19.90

System Cooling:

It is a known fact that do to high processor power consuption X360 overheats and that can lead to all kinds of unpleasant surprises like degrading system performance, erros and ultimatly system failure. So many 3rd party solutions for cooling off your hot console have been created. Xbox 360 Cooling >

Xbox 360 ModChips - For playing Backups / Copies, Emulators, Roms & ISOs. Alladin 2 ModChip, Fractal 360, Globe 360 ModChip, NME-360 ModChip. DVD drives firmware mods and hard drive connectivity kits. Unlock Xbox 360 and use laptop SATA / USB Xbox 360 hardrives conneced via adapters. Play backup games and copied games on 360.

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