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Xbox 360 Memory Unit (Cards): a portable 64 MB flash cards that allows the transfer of saved games, unique gamer profiles to other Xbox 360 consoles. Microsoft has announced a 256 MB version available starting from March 2007.

XBOX360 Memory cards and Storage

Similar to XSATA adapter for connecting PC to X360 HDD  - Transfer Kit for Xbox 360 lets you to backup and restore data from Xbox 360 memory cards to your PC HDD. Using your PC’s hdd storage capacity to hold backup ‘images’ of your Xbox 360 memory cards you have almost unlimited storage. And you can backup and restore save games to PC at any time – never be short of save space and save on buying a new memory card every time you run out of space. When you’ve backuped your memory card to PC, you can e-mail the backed-up files to your friends and share your save games with them same as you would do with MP3s. Your friends can use Transfer Kit to unpack save game images onto a memory card and use it their consoles.

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Card Back Up…
Backing up your Xbox 360 memory card. Using Transfer Kit PC application Xchange 360 and USB dock. Choose to save the entire contents of your XB360 memory card to your computer’s hard drive as an ‘image’ file or a seperate game save. Time and date of backup for each image file is loged automatically, and you have an option to add your own descriptions and file names, so you always know what’s where.

transfer kit usb Card Restore… To restore a backup image file to your Xbox 360 memory card - using the PC application click on the ‘Hard Drive’ blade and you will see a list of backed-up memory card images with the date and time at which they were saved and the name and description entered when you made the backup. Plug in your Transfer Kit USB dock and an XB360 memory card, and you can restore the backup image file to the memory card and use the saves in your console once more.

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