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120GB Hard Drive Xbox 360The Xbox 360 Premium configuration comes with an external hard drive (HDD) and it is optional to separately purchase one for the Core system . The detachable 20 GB hard drive is not required for standard games. XB HDD is a 2.5" hard drive - connected through a SATA interface and spins at 5400 revolutions per minute.

Just released - new 120 GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360 (order on-line at » matches the style of the original Xbox360 console 20GB Hard Drive (black colored 120GB HDD is available exclusively as part of the Xbox 360 Elite package). I can bet you that you will have a hard time filling up 120GB just with game saves so get ready for some serous MP3 ripping from CDs and lets not forget another space eating monster - the Videos. Now you don't have to worry about saving space and can save all the movie trailers to television programs and HD DVD movie rentals that you get your hands on!
And if you are somewhat worried about how to migrate your files from 20GB drive to the new 120GB drive - don't - Xbox360 120 GB HardDrive comes with a data transfer kit to help you seamlessly move all of saved data from 20GB HDD to your 120 GB Hard Disk Drive. And as an additional bonus it comes preloaded with HD game demos and videos on it, plus an assortment of Xbox Live Arcade game trials.

blaster xeonAnother way to increase Xbox 360 storage space without replacing the HardDrive is buy connecting it up to a PC via XSATA adapter, so that you can backup game saves, demos, mp3 etc to the PC and so free up space for more files. May be not the fastest way to do things, but one of the cheapest for sure. HDD is a Medium for permanent storage of data. Magnetic platters, electronics and mechanics make up a hard disk. The platters are fixed to a spindle. On each side of a platter there is a read/write head. Each platter is divided in to tracks, which again is divided into sectors. A characteristic with hard disks is that the platters and the mechanics are in an airtight enclosure, and that the read/write heads do not touch the platters as long as the platters are rotating. See fly height.

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hddAccording to the chief of Microsoft's Xbox division J.Allard - Microsoft will sell larger than 20GB capacity detachable hard disk drives for the Xbox 360 in the future. Outside USA users may have differently sized hard drive packaged with the Pro retail unit.

Will Xbox 360 have a hard drive? How big will it be?
Yes, there is a removable 20 gigabyte hard drive included with every console. Players can remove the drive and carry it to a friend's house to transfer large amounts of information.

Upgrade Xbox360 20GB hard drive to large HD. Upgrade your Detachable 20GB hard drive to 200GB or 400GB. Use PC HDD as X360 hard drive. Store entire collection of dvd's on the xbox drive. MP3 files can be streamed from your Xbox360 hard drives to PS hdd.

PC HardDrives that work in the xbox360 as a replacement or modified samsung 616t sd-616t fitting a pc dvd drive to a xbox 360 or swap xbox hard drive tutorial. Best of all it is cheap to use PC drives for X360. Boot disk read error formatted HardDrive downloadable fix utility network start up disk edit id list.

Hard Disk Drive is a circular material made from either a metal alloy or hardened glass. It is coated with a magnetic material that is composed of many particles which align themselves under the influence of a magnetic field. Digital data is stored by altering the direction in which these particles face; to read the data back, a device scans along the track and sensing the direction. Like an old vinyl record, a hard disk contains a single spiralling track that is composed of a long sequence of these particles.

A device used to store information. A hard disk has more storage than a floppy disk without being susceptible to the same hazards (for example, being bent or having the media corrupted by physical handling). A hard disk generally comes in packs consisting of several platters instead of just one. Some HardDrive disk packs can be removed from the disk drive.

Xbox360 Memory Card Xbox 360 Memory Units allow you to save game progress your achievements and save gamer profiles. The Memory Units are easily portable and enable quick and easy access to previously established benchmarks, putting you in control of your games and your lifestyle. You can save your games, your Xbox Live™ profile, and more with Xbox 360 Memory Units Enhancing the gaming experience.

  • Transport your Memory Unit in the portable carrying case that fits on your keychain.
  • The Memory Unit (64 MB) requires no setup. Just plug it in, and you can save your favorite games.
  • Xbox 360 holds up to two Memory Units, so you can easily upgrade to more storage space.

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You can upgrade 20GB Hard Drive to a 40GB 60GB 200GB HDD and store a lot more files.

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