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Xbox360 xSATA - PC to Memory Card

XSATA - XB360 Hard Drive to PC interface.

Free up space on Xbox 360…

The problem with the Xbox 360’s built-in HDD is -- 20GB or 40GB just isn't big enough these days. Compare it to the Hard Drive on your PC where you have 100GB or even 300GB of storage space + reportable DVDs etc. On x360 12GB of usable space might be sufficient for the casual gamer, but hardcore gamers must have more.


With XSATA you can free up hard drive space on Xbox by transferring content between your console and your PC. Backup Xbox360 files to PC and transfer them back to console and play backups when you need them! Transfer materials from your console’s hard drive to your PC using your Xbox 360 file manager software such as the free PC app Xplorer 360.

Use computer’s hard disc space to store demos, game saves and other such materials you’re not currently using. When you need them again, just transfer back to the XBox360’s drive. Once the data is on your PC, you can email anything that’s not locked to your machine or LiVE account to your friends for them to use on their own consoles too.

XSATA "sits" between your XB360’s hard drive and the console itself. It is a plug-and-play device so very easy to install. There’s no need to remove your XBox 360 hard drive every time you use it. The PC and the 360 can then ‘share’ the HDD so it can remain in place at all times. To connect the hard drive to PC, just plug the supplied cable into the High Speed USB 2.0 port on the back of XSATA and into any spare USB port on your PC. XSATA is USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible, so you can expect ultra-fast transfer speeds of up to 480mbps. It looks great too, with blue laser light giving a real cool edge to your console. XSATA for Xbox 360 is in the shops now.

Get one today - you know it makes sense...
XSATA is a great product for backing up Save Games from all of those hundreds of hours spent gaming, Makes full backup of all user files to your pc in less than 25 minutes via USB2. Remember if the Xbox306's original 20GB HDD drive stops working and you don't have a backup you can say goodbye to your saves and other stuff installed on your drive, so x-sata means you'll never lose your saves. Easy and simple to use even if you are not a pc expert.

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